Your music library anywhere, any device
no storage needed

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How it works

Upload music

Upload music from your device to the Moonbeat cloud

Process music

Each track gets processed and scanned for track details and album art for easy sorting

Sort Tracks

Your music is instantly sorted and categorised, just the way it should be

Access Music

Your music is now accessible wherever you are, on any device

Beat It!


Cloud technology

Using cloud technology to bring your music library to the digital age - you can access your music anywhere, on any device

Device on a diet

You no longer need to use hardware to store your tracks, freeing up valuable space on your phone, computer and tablet

Perfectly assembled

We gather as much data as we can from each track, so your library is always organised and looking fresh

Never lose your music again

Since your music is stored onto the cloud, you can hold onto your tracks, even if you can't hold on to your phone!

Your music your way

Style your library using custom colours and icons and create custom playlists to match your unique style

Tune In!

Import your favourite web radio streams so you never miss a beat

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