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You can locate your referral ID by going to the user dashboard in the web app and selecting 'referrals' from the user menu.

You will be given many options and methods to use your referral id. We will break them down for you...

  • Link - Perfect for using to copy and paste to a friend via email or a messaging service.
  • HTML - Use this option if you want to add the link to your blog or website.
  • Forum - This is bbcode, which is used in forum. You can add it to your posts or your user signature in almost every discussion board / forum!
  • Code - This is your code, use this if you are referring a friend to download the android app. They will need to manually enter the code on registration.
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The Android app is totally free of charge!

You can use it as a free or pro user - Obviously, you get much more use being a pro subscriber!

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We do not enable, allow or condone sharing. This will never change.

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Don't panic! Your friend just hasn't confirmed their email. We will send them a reminder or if youd like to speed up the process, let them know!

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We only support the use of open source codecs as they are royalty-free. Many codecs have licenses which require payment per conversion.

The good news is, the open source codecs are the best! We support:

  • LAME (mp3)
  • OGG Vorbis (ogg)
  • Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)
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You can cancel your subscription by selecting the 'billing' option in the user menu. Alternatively, you can use this Cancellation URL.

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