Web App

MoonBeat WebApp

Create Playlists

Easily create playlists with a click of a button.

Your Style

Pin your playlists and streams to the side menu using colours and icons that match your personality.

Smooth Browsing

Our webapp is coded with the latest in UI technology to deliver seamless browsing through your library.

Web Radio

Our media supports Shoutcast and Icecast streams. Just locate your favourite steam and add it to your library!.

Easy Art

Easily maintain your collection of cover arts. Use previously added art or upload your custom work from your computer or device!


Keep track of your top tracks by adding them to your favourites list.

AI Tech

We use artificial intelligence to collect, sort and display your media.

Super Search

Search your library with extreme precision using our complex search algorithm.

Full Control

Easily edit your media meta-data (Artist, Title etc) at the click of a button.

HTML5 Streaming

Stream your media using our state of the art HTML5 player. No need to download anything!